Bass Hole: Carter Lake Dive Site

Carter lake is located west of Berthoud, Colorado and managed by Larimer County Parks.

Bass Hole dive site, Carter Lake, Berthoud, ColoradoBass Hole dive site, Carter Lake, Berthoud, Colorado
Bass Hole dive site, Carter Lake, Berthoud, Colorado

Dive Site Access

40.33356, -105.22497

Boat access only. The nearest ramps are located on the north west end and south end of Carter Lake. Parking is available near both boat ramps. All vessels will need to have mussel inspection from ANS or proof your vessel has not left Larimer county lakes. Multiple restrooms, camping, picnic day use area, and trash disposal available at south ramp. Boaters must abide by the local regulations.

Features of the Dive Site

Bass hole lies in the western shore of Carter lake, in the no wake zone. Rocky slopes on 3 sides make this dive site interesting and fun. If you follow the rock outcropping to the east in the high season, you will remain in the no wake zone for only a while (proceed with caution, count kicks if you must). If you follow the slope east in low season, you will be out of the safe no-wake zone in a high-traffic boating area for skiers, wake boarders, wake surfers and sailboats. Recommend traveling only north or south once you get out of the bass hole.


Small mouth bass, walleye, trout, crawdads (crawfish). Fishing gear, random things that are dropped from vessels such as sunglasses, shoes, clothing, beer cans, and other trash. June and July you may find fish eggs, fry or small offspring of small mouth bass and walleye. At certain times of the year, you can find female small mouth bass nesting, and once fry are developed, you will find more aggressive males around the same area. Watch out towards the west for more walleye.

Diver Cautions

Boat: Be sure to bring a HIGHLY VISIBLE YELLOW OR ORANGE dive buoy with tethered diver down flag. The red dive buoys are not visible to other boats against the red rock reflections on this side of the lake. Boaters are curious, and may not respect the 100 foot rule because they cannot see your flag at the speeds they are traveling. Wind and storms can come up quickly in the afternoons. Be prepared with more than one anchor (forked hook preferred) to be the most prepared. Be sure to anchor your boat properly, and keep a boat captain or first mate to watch topside in order of prevent drift out of the no wake zone. The bottom is full of loose light rocks, which will not hold your boat in the wind. Waves are also strong due to the traffic outside of the no wake zone.

Water: Long line fishing will be found here, usually with connected bottom-bouncers and walleye rigs. Bring a cutting tool and remain calm if you are caught. Also, fishing gear that you pick up may hooks still attached, which can puncture fingers, dry suits and dry gloves..

What to Bring

Park pass, buoy, line, reel. Cutting tool. Anchor (two recommended). Life jackets for all on board. Topside spotter/someone who is able to move your boat in case of drift, Diver Down flag and an Alpha flag for your vessel. See general regulations for more information. If you like collecting fishing gear, bring a lure bottle and cutting tool.

General Regulations

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