Dive Gear

Preparing for a Dive

Mask, snorkel, fins. Check. Wetsuit, booties, exposure suit. Check. BCD, air delivery system, weights. Check. Full tank and buddy. Check. You might think you’re ready to dive, and for many dives, you probably are. However, there are few extra things to consider before your next dive. Though it is nearly impossible to prepare for every …

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Underwater Video Lights

Underwater Video Lights : Guide Before You Buy

Choosing an underwater video light system for your GoPro or small video light system can be challenging, especially when you start shopping and comparing prices. Check out our “GoPro Underwater Video Light Comparison” video. Before you buy your video lights, consider a few things: Power (Lumens) The brightness of the light will greatly depend on what …

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What If I Die?

A conversation about scuba diving, usually leads to discussion about big scary sharks, too much equipment, claustrophobia, great food, beautiful islands and sometimes, the dark subject of death. It’s then time to break out the Google machine and see what kind of statistics we get, comparing the numbers of death by interesting match ups like great white …

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