vacationing alone

The Art of Vacationing Alone

The more I travel, the more I encounter solo travelers out for their vacation alone.  I frequently see single people, married people with different interests, divorcees, widowers and widows, groups of friends, avid divers, cyclists, fishermen, nature lovers and more.  To hear others say “I can’t travel because I don’t want to go alone” is somewhat heartbreaking, …

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salty fish

The Salty Fish

Sea salt. Surely this is one of the great gifts of the ocean, including salt scrubs, healing salts, salts for bathing and of course, great diving (like the Salt Pier).  Salt goes on everything from simple egg breakfasts to the the most complicated culinary experiences. But isn’t it ironic, that when ordering seafood, especially fish, nearly …

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hangry turtle

Hangry Turtles

Hungry turtles need to eat, but if you’ve never seen a turtle eat, you might be surprised how much energy they use while doing so. Watch the video as the hangry turtles rummage through the coral for a bite to eat – from sponges to mollusks, shrimp to crab. Angelfish and other fish stand by …

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mens scuba tshirts

DiveDoggie Store

The DiveDoggie store is open for business. Check out our scuba diving, fish-loving ocean-inspired t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, bumper stickers, cell phone and tablet cases and more. We also have the Find Your Joy line of products for those seeking happiness and fun in their daily lives! Check back as products will be added to the …

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