Costa Rica Expedition: Whale Sharks

Research Location: Costa Rica Location Mission Collect tissue sample of a whale shark to help identify migration patterns of the species. Costa Rica, scuba diving with whale sharks for a citizen scientist research expedition with Fins Attached, CREMA and students of the University of Costa Rica. The Scientific Process A small sample is taken, where …

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Extraordinary Underwater Amputees

In our language as the American public, we refer to anyone missing a limb as an “amputee”, despite whether the limb is missing from birth or due to an actual amputation.  There are many opportunities for amputees and other disabled persons for scuba diving.  Many scuba shops also offer trips specifically for these divers to …

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JS5 2 Bull Shark Tissue Sampling

We begin our dives today at a seamount in northern Costa Rica on the Pacific side. Our goal is to assist scientists and researchers with tissue sampling adult Bull Sharks. Each member of the scuba diving team has a job – photographers and videographers document the sharks while others measure and take tissue samples. Everyone …

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