If you’ve ever been scuba diving you might get excited over seeing a turtle. The better you get, the more turtles you see and eventually you start to identify a Green Sea Turtle, a  Loggerhead, or a Hawksbill turtle.  If you’re really lucky, you might encounter a Kemps-Ridley or maybe even a Leatherback.   Identifying a Green Sea Turtle Loggerhead and Green turtles are similar, but here are some differences you might be able to quickly see as you glide past a sea turtle on your dive: Number of scutes.   A green sea turtle has 4 lateral scutes A loggerhead turtle has 5 lateral scutes NumberRead More →

Enjoy scuba diving with us and an electric ray or “marble ray” in the shallows of the Caribbean sea.  We swam with this amazing ray for about 15 minutes on a twilight dive.  The ray seemed to have little interest in divers, and went about his business as usual. We often see many skates and Southern Stingrays in this area, but the electric ray made his appearance for one night only.  Luckily, we were there to dive alongside him.   Interesting Electric Ray Facts The electric ray can bury itself in the sand, and ambush hunt its prey. The ray can stun and kill itsRead More →