Scuba Diving

Snapshots of the Exuma Cays

Photographs of coral reefs, wrecks, sharks, micro and macro. Snapshots of the Exuma Cays of the Bahamas are loaded with stunning imagery both topside and underwater. Embark on a photographic journey below to enjoy the scenes with us, and also visit our A Day in the Life of a Diver: Bahamas video.

Amazing Bait Ball!

Scuba diving with a bait ball of Pacific Grunts in the Catalina Islands of Costa Rica. Una buceadora nada con una bola de cebo de la escuela Pacific Grunt en las islas Catalina de Costa Rica

JS5 2 Bull Shark Tissue Sampling

We begin our dives today at a seamount in northern Costa Rica on the Pacific side. Our goal is to assist scientists and researchers with tissue sampling adult Bull Sharks. Each member of the scuba diving team has a job – photographers and videographers document the sharks while others measure and take tissue samples. Everyone …

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