Monterey Bay California

Scuba Diving Monterey Bay in California is an experience some will enjoy, or not.  Unlike Caribbean and South Pacific diving, the California coast is considered cold water diving.  The diving requires extra thermal protection such as a 7mm wetsuit, or a dry suit in addition to gloves and a hood.  Staying warm is one concern, …

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Cozumel Coati

When we dive, we find opportunities to experience local culture, traditions, food, music and more.  Sometimes, we are lucky enough to see different animals and flowers.  On an island in Honduras, we saw a live Tree Sloth. In central Florida, we were lucky enough to encounter Manatees in a freshwater spring.  In Mexico, we found …

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lost and found items - camera, fishing pole, oar, anchor

I Found Your Camera

You just bought a camera. Perhaps you spent hours deciding which one to buy, what features it has and then eventually learned how to use it. You’ve now invested your time and money. Now it’s time to take your new toy on an adventure, on the trail, river, vacation or daily activities. And then it …

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Dreaming Reality

It was a dream of my mother’s to make it across the big blue ocean to see what lies on the other side, “one day”. At 70 years of age, she still had not created an opportunity to go on her own and I believe, had given up the dream.  She ran a business for over …

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