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Global Warming: Hoax or Truth?

“Global warming doesn’t exist”. “No, really it does!”. “Aw hell, I don’t know”.

If you spend any time on social media, you’ll easily scan past an opinion stating facts for each side of the story. Eventually, you may lose interest on the subject because of the heated debates, political mud-slinging, “eye rolling hippie jargon”, and other interesting things the internet boasts. The question is – does any of it hold scientific proof for, or against the subject?  We did our own homework out of sheer nerdy interest to see what’s out there…

Actual Research on Global Warming

Articles of particular interest:

Global warming on hiatusJune 2015 
Source: AAAS
Science  26 Jun 2015:
Vol. 348, Issue 6242, pp. 1469-1472
DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa5632

Hottest Year on Record: December 2016
Source: Science Mag
Live Science

Oh, wait…we were wrong ! January 2017 
Source: Science Mag
Data: Zeke Hausfather UC Berkeley

Proven Statistics

Multiple studies and referenced science journals are claiming proof on the following:

  • Global temperature rise
  • Warming oceans
  • Shrinking ice sheets
  • Glacial retreat
  • Decreased snow cover
  • Sea level rise
  • Declining arctic sea ice
  • Extreme events
  • Ocean acidification

NASA: Evidence of Climate Change

Chasing Coral
Netflix Documentary

Ok, So What?

Our findings have revealed that it doesn’t seem to matter what side of the fence you’re on politically, ecologically, or emotionally. There are people out there in many fields, with access to information on the oceans, ice and our atmosphere with better cameras, gauges, parkas, and other scientific-y do-dads. There are more experienced scientists and people who likely care a lot more about statistics and boring data charts than your “average joe” surfing social media. Should we believe them?

Our scientists of the world seem to be screaming in unison: “there is a problem”.

Form an Opinion

We have the liberty to doubt information, argue points, speculate,  complain or increase the levity of the water cooler discussions.  In light of human behavior, we find interest in the actions that come of our findings – enough to chat about, argue about and share in public forums.  But, what have we done outside of talk?

Action Time

The facts are out there for your to find – either side of the fence.  If you’re convinced of your opinions on Global Warming, consider taking a moment to look at it from both sides during your chats and arguments.  Will that research change your mind?  Will it change your day-to-day activities?

Bottom Line

If saving the world from Global Warming was really just up to you – how would you go about fixing it?
If you think Global Warming is really just a hoax – what would you do to help educate others?

Would you do your homework?

The bottom line we’ve found, is that talk is cheap.  It’s time to dig in and get our hands dirty, form our own educated opinions and take actions accordingly.

What will you do?