hangry turtle

Hangry Turtles

Hungry turtles need to eat, but if you’ve never seen a turtle eat, you might be surprised how much energy they use while doing so. Watch the video as the hangry turtles rummage through the coral for a bite to eat – from sponges to mollusks, shrimp to crab. Angelfish and other fish stand by waiting for scraps, which would otherwise be unavailable without the assistance of the turtle’s powerful jaw.

Both Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles can be seen here, digging into to the reef. They utilize their flipper-like legs to assist in grabbing or guiding their food. Sea turtles can have tiny claws on the front of their front flippers, which they use also for grabbing at food.

The Loggerhead turtle has a reddish brown color on the carapace (top of the shell), which is edged in yellow. His head is more round as compared to the Hawksbill turtle. The Hawksbill turtle’s head is more angular (as viewed from the front) with a protruding “beak” like a Hawk. The Loggerhead will crush and grind their food, found in more open areas, whereas the Hawksbill is able to pull food from smaller crevices.

Watch along with the other scuba divers as the hangry turtles chew their way through the reef, all the while holding their breath. Enjoy the beautiful critters from our amazing oceans.