DiveDoggie Story

Life is Better with a Boat and a Dog

Some things just go great together.

Mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, dogs and boats.

The Start of the Dive Doggie

The Dive Doggie brand of videos, stories and products are inspired by Max, our rescued Australian Shepherd. As avid dog lovers, we knew an Australian Shepherd was really the dog for our type of lifestyle. We found out early on that Max enjoys swimming, jumping into the water, biting at waves both on shore and in the boat, as well as chasing fish. If water is near, you’ll find Max diving in and enjoying life. He has inspired others to also dive into life and enjoy it. Hence, Dive Doggie was born and we’re sharing the fun with the world.

Why Dogs Are Great

Max goes with me on fishing, kayaking, boating and camping trips. These outdoor adventures are fun all on their own, but taking a dog with on these journeys enhances each experience exponentially. When the fish aren’t biting, this fantastic dog is usually doing something to keep himself entertained, which I also find entertaining. Enjoying a day trip on the boat is never a let down, but taking a dog and watching him enjoy the water exceeds any expectation of joy and happiness imagined.

Shelter Dogs Get a Bad Rap

Max is a shelter rescue, which in some places is looked upon negatively. As a “drop box dog”, Max was dumped into a kennel at night and left for the shelter to manage the next morning. The shelter vaccinated him and held him for adoption, but no one adopted him. It seemed that nobody wanted him. He was put on the doggie “Green Mile” until a herding dog rescue organization (shout out to HeRDofWy) saved him. This group made it possible for us to meet him through his foster family, and eventually adopt him.

Unfortunately, herding dogs are frequently let loose, handed over or killed because they’re just “too much” for a lot of pet owners. Those “mutts” and “unwanted dogs” get a bad rap. Obviously, there must be something wrong with them if they ended up in a shelter, right?


Most pets in shelters are put there because they have people problems. Herding dogs like to chase things. Kids like to run around, dogs chase them and the dog goes to the pound. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So Why Consider a Shelter Dog?

Whether you take a dog out on a boat, or just want a companion for your current hobby, consider a quirky shelter or rescue dog. Look into the type of dog that suits your lifestyle and do your breed research before you fall in love at the shelter. It’s quite easy to look into the big eyes of that cute puppy, but when they grow, they might not be the dog for you and your family. Choose wisely and break the cycle of wrongful adoptions.

If you like camping, fishing, boating and outdoor adventures, choose a dog that can keep up with you. Also take the time to get to know your dog and what his or her skills are. I was lucky enough to discover Max’s affinity for water and adventure. Thus, my days are filled with love and fun, and a brand was born to celebrate this particular “pound hound” and all he has brought to us.

I hope you enjoy the video below and the perfect recipe for fun: a dog, a boat and plenty of water.

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