Snorkel & Diving in the ocean

Scuba Divers Are Attractive People

I believe that it’s an unwritten social law that scuba divers are attractive people. Take an entire crowd and somehow, scuba divers will attract other scuba divers and be knee-deep in dive-related conversation within minutes.

Divers Are Attractive People

Scuba Divers Are One in a Million…or ~758.

I found myself once again, alone in a crowd of people at a conference. Even by the second day of the event, I knew approximately 0 people out of the ~758 attendees. Just another awkward experience I like to call “normal”. You know you’ve reached an all-time social low when even the sales representatives aren’t approaching you with the spiel over their latest “whatsamajiggy”.

Socially Challenged

It’s true – I prefer the dark shadowy places at social events, like a Tarpon in a shipwreck in daylight. Social animal, I am not. But somehow, other divers emerge, sniffing out the slightest hint of another fellow diver and within minutes, it’s old home week. They speak of places they’ve been, things they’ve done, people they’ve met, products they’ve bought and reminisce about unbelievable experiences that only other divers could have.

All of a sudden, they have more words than time, and a primal desire to return to the water. Diving takes the socially awkward land dwellers and gives them “a life”. Just add neoprene.

Divers find divers, no matter where they are.

Other Divers Will Find You

Today I found myself in line at a concert, and wouldn’t you know it… divers in the same line as me. Within minutes, we are swapping tales, comparing exotic island stories and dive destination aspirations. Next, we break out the C cards like a hand of Poker to see who holds the high card. We carry on about dive trips and dream about our next big adventure.

Scuba Divers Are Attractive People

Though we may be awkward, unique, strange and adventurous, we attract others like us.

If you are socially awkward, alone or hiding out in your social shipwreck, maybe try scuba diving. Divers are not only attractive people, but a hearty bunch. They can withstand lousy weather conditions, rough seas, “hat hair” and less-than-pleasurable travel experiences. They often speak in hand signals and prefer the sounds of their own bubbles over small talk.

When you feel like you have no one left to talk to, remember that there’s always more fish in the sea.