no, we weren't hacked, we just tried science.

Sticking it to the Man Part II

We posted a few things about social behaviors online and what gets “clicks” in “Sticking it to the Man” a few days ago. Our summary is  “the sum of all men”. See what we mean below:

Video Findings

Here are some new and interesting findings from others online who have joined our merry band of social experimentation:

Youtube Hits

Decline of Turtle Interests

It is quite apparent that turtles can’t compete with a woman losing her arm while scuba diving. This is devastating news in the turtle world.

Shameless Compensatory Plug for Turtles
We would like to give a shout out to the Marathon Turtle Hospital who’s doing a great job at rehabilitating turtles from various issues. Likely these turtles don’t know they are being shunned online by blonde bombshells, but they are receiving help from injury, pollution, boat strikes and more.

Increase in Scary Things

YouTube Hits 2

It seems that the Chupacabra won the Chupacabra vs. Coati battle with twice the hits in 3 days’ time.  These videos were added simultaneously on the timeline, proving that scary things with hot blonde chicks provide far more online interest that cute and cuddly (non-cat) things.  The Electric Ray did see some increase in traffic despite the lack of babe footage.

Mystery Still Wins

Of all videos in the DiveDoggie channel, the top producer is still the combination of local legend and terrible video footage.  Syndicated by NYSE: CCO, the myth and legend of the lost city of Stout still wins top prize:

YouTube hits 3


Is “The Man” is Still in Charge?

If you look strictly at numbers, “the man” is still top dog of the online world.  But, “the man” isn’t clicking through to a million videos. However, the “average person” online is doing so.

The Bottom Line
It turns out “the man” is really just a collection of the sum of all men (mostly men, unless you ladies are into things being bigger underwater and submerged dismemberment).

The Sum of All Men

Imagine the power of the sum of all men pointed into a worthy cause.

We’d be unstoppable.

Looking for a worthy cause?
Mission Blue
Chasing Coral
Coral Restoration Foundation

Fins Attached

Turtle Conservancy
Turtle Hospital

Fair Trade