Florida Horse Conch

Wow, That’s a Big Shell! The plan for this particular night dive was to find an Octopus, not to spot a Florida Horse Conch.  On the way up-current, I came across this magnificent moving shell.  Most shells in this area are occupied by conch crabs, so to see this “sea snail” crawling along the bottom …

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Octopus Tango on the Rocks

Night diving is always an adventure! On occasion, we get to hang out with a Caribbean Reef Octopus. These creative Cephlapods can transform their bodies into all shapes as the scurry along the reef.  The chromataphores allow the octopus to change color and blend in with their environment.  Many will even “flash” color as they …

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American Samoa XL Catlin Seaview Survery - The Ocean Agency - Richard Vevers

Coloradoans Help Save the Florida Coral Reefs

For immediate release. Fort Collins, Colorado. July 28, 2017 What would happen to our Colorado wildlife if the forests suddenly disappeared? It’s unthinkable. But a similar disaster is happening in our oceans when coral reefs die. Coloradoans now have the opportunity to participate in a coral restoration expedition with High Plains Scuba, acting in concert …

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Coral Restoration Expedition

September 22nd – 27th, 2017 Key Largo, Florida Coral Restoration and Research Expedition Download Flyer Here The Experience This special expedition, limited to 8 divers, offers certified divers an opportunity to gain knowledge of our coral reef systems, their importance and role in the world’s ecosystem. In addition, divers will learn the latest methods of …

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