The Ultimate Scuba Trip Planning Guide

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A Timeline For Your Dive Trip

The Ultimate Scuba Trip Planning Guide is a timeline for anyone needing to prepare for that friends or family vacation, scuba trip, cruise or other scuba diving vacation.  Take the needless stress out of your vacation plans be being prepared. Prevent that last minute spending and stress, and give yourself a break. You’re going on vacation!

3-4 Months Out

  • Check your passport expiration date
  • Get a new passport if needed
  • Schedule your TSA pre-check appointment or renewal
  • Start interviewing pet sitters / house sitters

1-2 Months Out

  • Get your gear serviced
  • Check your mask for leaks
  • Brittle check your mask straps & fins straps
  • Schedule a scuba skills update
  • Schedule pool time for closer to your trip
  • Start looking at your dive computer manual again, set any alarms you might want
  • Order any currency from your bank that you might need ahead of time
  • Make sure your have suitable luggage, purchase/replace if needed
  • Peruse a packing list guide
  • Purchase anything you might need extra for your trip – tshirts, rashguards, scuba gear, accessories
  • Be sure pet / home sitters are lined up
  • Make sure your dive and travel insurance is up to date

1-2 Weeks Out

  • Double check your gear in a pool
  • Do your scuba skills update
  • Set up airport transportation/parking (check for coupons!)
  • Notify your bank/credit card provider about your travel plans
    • While you’re on the phone, see if your card offers additional travel coverage
  • Make preparations at work for coverage during your absence
  • Check the weather for your destination
  • Start packing accordingly
  • Check TSA guidelines to make sure you know your particular flights restrictions
  • Double check with your pet and home sitter, review instructions
  • Be sure you have the proper chargers, batteries, cables, etc.
  • Don’t forget to check flight and island policies on items such as:
    • Reef safe sunscreen
    • Batteries
    • Export restrictions (sea shells, etc.)
    • Other items

1-2 Days Out

  • Finalize packing
  • Set out clothing for your day of travel
  • Print or save trip plans, receipts, vouchers and phone numbers
  • Confirm work plans, answer questions from the person covering you
  • Exchange information with your pet and home sitter
  • Be sure all contact information is up to date

1 Day Out

  • Check into your flight
  • Be sure you have your passport, id, credit cards and trip information
  • Set up your email bouncer
  • Charge everything for your trip
  • Unplug any unnecessary electronics
  • Make sure your furnace is set appropriately
  • Love on your pets
  • Water the plants

Relax, you’re going on vacation!