April Horsetooth Dive: Lost & Found

The fourth month of the year, the fourth local dive of the year.

The April Horsetooth Dive

41-42 degree water and 45 degrees topside with low clouds off in the distance.  Another great day for a dive in Colorado and a little bit warmer than last month.  The bottom of the lake offered about 6-10 foot visibility, with a fair amount of rock coverage.

Lost and Found

Small fish were now being found as the temperatures rose, but really no life outside of that to speak of.  Even the crawdads were still in hiding.  We found a few golf balls, broken sunglasses, a ginormous dog toy and a few pieces of garbage.  While divers do have something to look at with all the trash discarded at the lake, it's still rather discouraging to see so much of it, this early in the season.  Being nearly nesting season for small mouth bass, we cleaned up what we could to make way for the next generation.

We will dive again next week as one of our buddies was out sick this week.  After all,  the pact  isn't solid unless everyone gets their dive in.  Stay tuned...