Caribbean Reef Lobsters on Walkabout

Caribbean Spiny Lobster

These fantastic beasts dwell in protected areas during the day, with their tails backed into a hole or overhang while they rest.  Many lobsters that sense the presence of a diver may see the lobster wave it's long antennae to feel around the area. At night, they hunt for clams, snails, and crabs to eat.  If food is scarce, they will actually become cannibalistic as well.

Lobsters on Walkabout

Lobsters rarely walk around during the daytime, but on occasion and cloudy days, they might be seen on walkabout.  Our Caribbean Spiny lobsters were quite active on this particular week, and walked with pride for the camera.  Disturbed lobsters will actually swim backwards, using their tails to propel them as they retreat.  These lobsters can get anywhere from 5-18" inches in length and live anywhere from 6-75 feet in depth.

Protected and Edible

Lobsters are protected in many marine parks, and in some cases, around island and areas where they have been over-fished.  The lobster re-introduction programs tend to be quite successful where the restrictions are followed.  Once a population is strong enough to continue on its own, the ban may be lifted and hunting is once again allowed.