Citizen Science Makes an Impact on M/Y Sharkwater

We join actress Kelly Greyson and Alex Antoniou with Fins Attached Marine Research and Conservation aboard M/Y Sharkwater off the coast of Costa Rica. 

Scientists and Citizen Scientists join together to make in impact on the planet by inspiring others to do the same.

"I always feel that we are here for a purpose.  We are here to look after this planet.  My philosophy is that we should try to leave this planet, this earth, this world, our home a better place than when we inherited it. So whatever we as individuals can do to have an impact for the good of the planet, then that's what we should be doing."

Alex Antoniou

On our journey, we tissue sampled Bull Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, and a Whale Shark, as well as performed health checks and tags on Hawksbill turtles, all to ensure their successful future by assisting in the protection of their migration patterns.