Cozumel Coati

When we dive, we find opportunities to experience local culture, traditions, food, music and more.  Sometimes, we are lucky enough to see different animals and flowers.  On an island in Honduras, we saw a live Tree Sloth. In central Florida, we were lucky enough to encounter Manatees in a freshwater spring.  In Mexico, we found this Cozumel Island Coati, which is actually slightly different from a Coati. The Coati was believed to have been brought to Cozumel by the ancient Maya.  The animal non-native to the island of Cozumel, but to Central America.  Like a raccoon, the Coati feeds similarly and may be nocturnal.  Unless of course, he lives near a dive shop and a local buffet. In our video, this particular Cozumel Island Coati is seen eating lunch on the rooftop of a dive shop. Scuba divers hang out and watch the raccoon-like critter.