The Elusive Mantis Shrimp

It's about a year later from my first sighting of the Mantis Shrimp "in the wild".  With $6 tanks and the ability to burn through one in about half a day at 15', my dive buddy and I had time to continue the search.  70 minutes into the dive, we found evidence of the critter.  And then, the hole.  And then, the eyes. Yes!  There he is! The elusive mantis shrimp has one very honed skill - to dodge the camera at all costs.  He's not coming out, not for me, not for my buddy, not for anyone.  He'll sit in the hole or find the back door in the secrete limestone lair where he resides, and be certain you'll not get a glimpse. The trinocular vision of the Mantis Shrimp affords him the power to dodge mediocre underwater photographers.  It's a known fact.  However, distance and patience can outlast the creature when hunger strikes.  Our timing wasn't perfect, but we did get a quick glimpse of the shrimp, and on film. Great dive!

Interesting Mantis Shrimp Facts

  • The punch of a mantis shrimp can accelerate up to 10,000 times the force of gravity
  • The smashing shrimp moves water so quickly, that it boils
  • The bubbles released from the water creates cavitation
  • The velocity is comparable to that of a .22 caliber firearm