How Close Can You Dive with a Walleye?

Walleye are fairly elusive, especially with scuba divers.  The are merely silver streaks that swim by at varying levels of comfort, or they are barely seen by the silver tips on their fins off in the distance.  More often than not, a walleye will circle back around and swim on your flank if you follow the shore line.

Walleye vs. Sauger vs. Saugeye

Both Walleye and Saugeye are silvery, with the very prominent "walleye".  The Sauger, however has more splotches of color (darker gray/silver) and is typically found on the bottom of the lake or reservoir.  

Sneak Up on a Sauger

With visibility at an all time high, and water flowing in at the end of summer, the perfect change to sneak up on a Sauger happened.  We spotted the fish off in the distance, surely far enough away that we could catch her on a video, with the expectation that she would dart.  But, sneaking up 15 feet within 15 minutes didn't seem to bother this fish whatsoever.  We were able to get right next to her without one single fin raise.  After 10 more minutes of filming, we moved on to the rest of the dive site in awe that we were able to encounter such a beautiful fish in that capacity.

What a great time!  Go diving, see cool stuff.  Sneak up on a Sauger.