May Aurora Res Dive: Airplane?

Where's the airplane?  Wasn't there a Cessna 310 in Aurora Reservoir, last year?  We're pretty sure, since we filmed it last fall. 6 divers circling search patterns was an entertaining site to see... dropping in on the wrong buoy. Or was it?

Aurora Reservoir Scuba Diving

The Scuba Rumor Mill

The buoy that marked the airplane was no longer there on our dive.  Rumor has it that the lake was drained down to repair the dam and the airplane was removed because of it's deteriorating shape over the last 24 years. Is it true?  

Fact Check

A simple phone call to the reservoir stated that the plane is still there, and they seemed surprised to know the marker buoy wasn't attached to the plane.  Well, there you have - the crayfish are getting trickier by the day, and moving buoys in the middle of the night. 

Great Visibility

We had 15-20 foot visibility and 51-55 degree temps on our May dive.  What a wonderful day for a dive, despite the cool and rainy weather.  The bottom wasn't overgrown with weeds or algae, and the silt was in full swing within 4 feet of the bottom.  A few frog kicks kept the path clear for others to enjoy the dive as well.  

Strange Things

We did see a few things underwater that might be commonplace to regular Aurora divers, but were things we hadn't seen in the mountain lakes.  Juvenile Chironomids were prevalent along the bottom.  The avid lake fisherman know now is the time to jig with these imitation invertebrate critters, but to see them in "real life" was quite a sight to see!

Stranger Things

We found a dead tree teeming with larger crayfish (crawdads) and what looked like egg sacs. Or maybe it was just rotting toilet paper or a sexy stream of flushable baby wipes strung in a fashionable pattern?  Either way, it was interesting to look at underwater and still unidentified. Maybe the crayfish threw a bash in celebrating their successful movement of the airplane marker buoy.  We may never know.

Help Us!

We'd love to hear from fellow divers who can identify what's in the video.  Please leave your thoughts in our comments section on YouTube.  The funnier the better, but if you really know what it is... let us know.