Octopus Tango on the Rocks

Night diving is always an adventure!

On occasion, we get to hang out with a Caribbean Reef Octopus. These creative Cephlapods can transform their bodies into all shapes as the scurry along the reef.  The chromataphores allow the octopus to change color and blend in with their environment.  Many will even "flash" color as they become excited, angry or stimulated. Octopus Tango

The Octopus' Environment

This particular octopus seems to be perfectly happy among the rocks, with little excitement over our presence.  The surge was rather strong, so creating a smooth video was not really in the cards on this dive.  The surrounding walls were also covered in Diadema Sea Urchins, which made for an interesting video shoot. Enjoy the video of this young octopus as he hunts for the next meal on a night dive.