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Hermit Crab

Scuba Diving with Hermit Crabs If you night dive along the shore in most Caribbean areas, you are likely to encounter a hermit crab.  Even during the daytime in shallow areas, you may see these amazing climbers crawling in tide pools and other shallow areas. Noisy Crabs In the silence of a night dive, you …

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Florida Horse Conch

Wow, That’s a Big Shell! The plan for this particular night dive was to find an Octopus, not to spot a Florida Horse Conch.  On the way up-current, I came across this magnificent moving shell.  Most shells in this area are occupied by conch crabs, so to see this “sea snail” crawling along the bottom …

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Octopus Tango on the Rocks

Night diving is always an adventure! On occasion, we get to hang out with a Caribbean Reef Octopus. These creative Cephlapods can transform their bodies into all shapes as the scurry along the reef.  The chromataphores allow the octopus to change color and blend in with their environment.  Many will even “flash” color as they …

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Pro Tips for Scuba Divers

What You Will Learn This Pro Tips for Scuba divers video covers important topics for certified scuba divers. You may learn more on simple topics of: perfect buoyancy techniques scuba diving accessories underwater video camera tips and more! Watch to the end of the video to learn what to do if you are caught in …

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Cozumel Coati

When we dive, we find opportunities to experience local culture, traditions, food, music and more.  Sometimes, we are lucky enough to see different animals and flowers.  On an island in Honduras, we saw a live Tree Sloth. In central Florida, we were lucky enough to encounter Manatees in a freshwater spring.  In Mexico, we found …

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The Elusive Mantis Shrimp II

Here We Go Again… 3 years after our first sighting of the Mantis Shrimp, once again we found ourselves on the 80 minute shore dive in Mexico to find the him again. Last year, we caught a glimpse of him in our Elusive Mantis Shrimp video. This little guy will come out and feed for a …

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