Rays and Skates

Scuba diving with eagle rays, manta rays, southern stingrays, electric rays, cownose rays, and skates in Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Belize and Florida. Elasmobranchs in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.


We start off in the Bahamas, near Eleuthra at 70+ feet watching a Southern Stingray and a jack hunting together on the sea floor. The ray hunts and the jack waits for any scraps that might exist. This beautiful male Southern Stingray swims a circle around another male who lays waiting for his next meal. We were visited again at night by another Southern, swimming through the darkness with incredible ease. The Bahamas seem to host a multitude of Southern Stingrays in low and high current, at night or in the day.


Next, we visit a Spotted Caribbean Stingray who digs for his meal in the sand and algae. He is successful in feeding. A surprise visit by an Electric Ray Narcidinae (Torpediniformes) offered a friendly drive-by. We were visited by a female Spotted Eagle Ray in high current. Clearly built for speed and current, this ray sailed through the imaginary sky with minimal effort. Another Southern Stingray chose to visit us on another dive in Cozumel. Docile in the sand, the Southern won't bother you if you don't bother him.

Costa Rica

Hello Giant Pacific Manta Ray! This was another surprise visit from a 13-14' foot wingspan Manta off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. She showed off her beautiful coloring as she spun around in the diver's bubbles. Smooth Stingray or Short-tail Stingray settled gently into the shallow water sand on the Pacific Coast. She didn't seem to mind a visit from divers. Costa Rica boasts not only a plethora of Spotted Eagle Rays, but also the very uncommon Verigated Eagle Ray. The difference is in the markings - from circles found on the Spotted Eagle Ray to more solid dots and lines on the Verigated Eagle Ray.