One Thing with Sylvia Earle

What’s Your One Thing

I recently attended a fundraiser for Fins Attached, where I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Dr. Sylvia Earle. I learned more about sharks, finning, conservation efforts, the decline of shark populations and more. Some of this I had known from educational programs, lectures, dive boat gossip and sometimes Netflix and Youtube, but there was still much to learn.

I’ve never been a “conservationist”. I’m not a biologist. I don’t fall on the left or the right of any fence. I’m just one diver who enjoys the ocean and it’s creatures and because of that interest, I have learned much about our oceans, the threats on coral, sharks, fish and so much more. It is because of that education that I chose to go off into the weeds on this post to share with you the impact of the aforementioned education, this event and the single opportunity to do something with that knowledge.

What’s Your One Thing?

Each chair at the event had a piece of paper on it where you would write your name and the one thing you could do to help protect sharks and the marine environment. I chose to spread the word online, and will also ask the same of you.

What is your one thing?

Not Asking Much

The paper was an open-ended question, not asking for more than any one person wanted to give. You could have written “tell my friends” and your obligation would have been fulfilled. You could have chosen to donate money, stop taking cartilage supplements made from sharks, stopped eating non-sustainable fish products or dove deep into the depths of conservation only to ask the question “where does it stop”?

The point I gleaned from this small piece of paper was simply that any effort we could make could make a difference. One word, one dollar, one choice. One thing.

If you love sharks, diving, the oceans, or our planet, I ask you:
What is your one thing?

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