Prince Albert

Wreck Dive Prince Albert

The Prince Albert shipwreck is a sunken upright vessel off the coast of Roatan, Honduras. A popular dive destination, the wreck is a fairly easy dive from the exterior. On a clear day, visibility allows a nice view of the entire ship against the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea.

The video will take you on a tour of the wreck dive Prince Albert from the marker buoy on the far side of the reef, taking you 30 degrees north and landing at the ship’s base, sunken in the sand. We’ll follow around past the hull, over the top and a little inside the ship.

The stone marker is not for the ship’s captain, but for a beloved diver from the area, who frequented the wreck and surrounding areas. He was honored here on the ship, for eternity.

Enjoy the wreck dive on the Prince Albert shipwreck and the reef and homes for marine life it has created or check out more dive videos.