Lobster Identification

It’s important to identify your Caribbean reef lobsters if you want to be taken seriously as a snorkeler or a scuba diver.

Let’s get down to business…

1. The Traffic Cop Lobster
He sits and waves a hand carelessly, waving all scuba divers and snorkelers to pass with care. Nothing to see here, move along.

2. The All Terrain Lobster
Seen usually at night, or in this case, on a rainy day – the All Terrain Lobster cruises over the reef like a walking machine on the Star Wars Battlefront. Don’t get in his way, he’s on a mission.

3. The “How About a Nightcap” Lobster
Come into his den, he has candy. Just ask the Lionfish, lying in wait inside the swim-through. He’s a little grabby with his antennae, but don’t worry, he’s really just a teddy bear.

4. The “Ninja/Zorro” Lobster
Imagine the subtitles and the “hhiiii YA” as he whips his antennae around. Then, he slashes like Zorro and moves like lightning, so fast you didn’t even see it.

5. The Agoraphobic Lobsters
Commonly seen during the day, these large but fragile lobsters are hiding. From you. Or maybe Zorro. Or a ninja. Who knows what’s out there? The reef is a scary place.

6. The “Bratty Little Brother” Lobster
He’s not touching you, he’s not touching you. Watch out for this trickster, he’s liable to put gum in your hair as you swim by. Not to worry, water balloons and Super Soakers lose their power at 2 feet below the surface.

We hope you enjoy this informative and educational video below. Be sure to note the rings around the edges of the videos. Maybe you’ll hear about the secrets in our next tale: When Moisture Munchers Fail followed by the heartwarming saga The Camera Guy.