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Rays and Skates

Scuba diving with eagle rays, manta rays, southern stingrays, electric rays, cownose rays, and skates in Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Belize and Florida. Elasmobranchs in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Amazing Bait Ball!

Scuba diving with a bait ball of Pacific Grunts in the Catalina Islands of Costa Rica. Una buceadora nada con una bola de cebo de la escuela Pacific Grunt en las islas Catalina de Costa Rica

Costa Rica Expedition: Whale Sharks

Research Location: Costa Rica Location Mission Collect tissue sample of a whale shark to help identify migration patterns of the species. Costa Rica, scuba diving with whale sharks for a citizen scientist research expedition with Fins Attached, CREMA and students of the University of Costa Rica. The Scientific Process A small sample is taken, where …

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