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Meet the Green Razorfish

Razorfish Wrasse Shallow shore diving allows for great opportunities to see Razorfish Wrasse in many areas of the Caribbean. What sets the Razorfish apart from other Wrasse is their ability to cut into the sand for protection from predators.  They are also not to be mistaken with the cuisine “Razorfish Clam” which is in fact, …

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Sharptail Eel vs a Crab

The Sharptail Eel (Myrichthys Breviceps):   Native to areas such as Florida, the continental coasts of the Caribbean,  the Bahamas and Bermuda.   Sized anywhere from 1-3 feet in length Feeds on crabs Hangs out at 5-40 feet in depth Belongs to the “snake eel” family (Ophichthidae) Hunting Behavior The Sharptail eel usually hunts during twilight to …

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Extraordinary Underwater Amputees

In our language as the American public, we refer to anyone missing a limb as an “amputee”, despite whether the limb is missing from birth or due to an actual amputation.  There are many opportunities for amputees and other disabled persons for scuba diving.  Many scuba shops also offer trips specifically for these divers to …

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Sea Cucumbers Spawning

A Fleeting Moment… Several years ago, I managed to record a spawning sea cucumber on a night dive. The excitement was astounding as I went to download the footage of this incredibly rare thing I had never seen.  After rinsing gear, making the long trek hauling gear to my room and finally getting sat down …

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JS5 2 Bull Shark Tissue Sampling

We begin our dives today at a seamount in northern Costa Rica on the Pacific side. Our goal is to assist scientists and researchers with tissue sampling adult Bull Sharks. Each member of the scuba diving team has a job – photographers and videographers document the sharks while others measure and take tissue samples. Everyone …

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