Dive Doggie Trout

Prioritize Your Happiness

The wind is blowing consistently at 30mph with predictions for 60mph gusts. It looks like the weather service was right – the wind is going to blow. I feel a hit on my fishing pole and watch as my Wyoming Marlin flies up out of the air at the end of my line. Reeling and reeling, this trout reminds me that a little wind isn’t going to ruin life’s adventures. Not today.

If I had listened to the weather report without my mind being set, I probably could have been forced to stay home, rake leaves and act like every other standard adult in a temperate climate zone. But when the weather is nice, there’s an opportunity to live life rather than be run over by it. My priority has been on happiness, not “the rut”.


Listening seems to be a favorite pastime of mine lately. Listening to weather reports and going out anyway. Listening to political negativity and letting it roll off. But lately, listening to the masses has brought an identifiable pattern of unhappiness. This unhappiness lies unconquered as many roll over, rather than letting it roll off.

Time For Change

Fishing offers a lot of time to think and get away from “standard thinking”. It’s a time to clear your head and re-prioritize everything. What’s really important to you? Will you die happy knowing you raked leaves before the rest of them fell? Will you feel fulfilled because your house was in perfect order? For me, it’s feeling the wind on my face, the trout on my line, the perfect reflection of the moon on the water when the wind finally does stop – even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Happiness for me, is living life.

Live Life

I was given eyes to see loved ones, mountains, plains, antelope and clouds. Hands to feel another hand, the fur of my dog, the trout on my line. Skin to feel the wind on my face, the salt of the sea, a slight pink to show that I had been in the sun. Life, to live.

Adult responsibilities of course need to be handled. But, shouldn’t happiness also be a priority? Rather than trudging through life saying “I wish”, “I can’t”, “I don’t” and “someday” as you are beat down by “the man” can be exhausting. And contagious.

Prioritize Happiness

Have you listened to your own words lately? Do you find yourself saying “I wish”, “I can’t”, “I don’t” and “someday”? Perhaps it’s time for you to also prioritize your happiness. Instead of saying “I can’t”, just say “yes” and go. Take that trip, say “I can”, go do whatever you can do to break the rut and get out of the darkness and into the happiness.

Start by feeling the sun on your face, be aware of your hands and what you put in them. Make a point to see where your feet take you.

Go, live life and prioritize your happiness. When you return, the leaves will still be there to rake and you will have the opportunity to rake them while you listen to the birds, appreciate the sky, feel thankful for all you have and feel a brand new energy for your responsibilities.