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Sticking it to the Man

Though worldly, we are small and take time to enjoy and educate ourselves on the sites we see. According to the new YouTube standards, the DiveDoggie brand just isn’t up to snuff when it comes to clicks and subscribers.    We get it, but it does shed light on some interesting social behaviors. And since we never behave socially, we thought we’d write a blog post about it.

It Started With Sharks

Remember the big news about the shark in the cage, the shark getting out of the cage and wreaking havoc with danger and tourists?  Of course. Scary stuff right?  Sharks, cages, blood, guts, violence, terror, and your life flashing before your eyes.

But the truth is, this has happened more than once, and, it’s been caught on video more than once.  One particular case of the shark cage incident was grossly misrepresented online. The real story is far less interesting to online viewers than the horrors portrayed in the stolen content.  Because the concept of shark experiences for knowledge and excitement just won’t hack it in the virtual world and the horror of shark bycatch, overfishing, culling and extinction falls short.

It Started With Breakfast

Over breakfast after diving one day, the idea of how to create a video that would attract “hits”, “views”, and “subscribers” came to light.  It had to be full of a few things like “sharks”, “violence”, “horror” and probably some “hot babe in a bikini”.  The DiveDoggie channel really just isn’t about all that…shark videos, yes.  Everything else… not so much.

So we created a video that had everything one needed to be successful,  including our over-zealous opinions and a little bit of sarcasm. It started with something just silly enough – the chupacabra. Throw in a hot chick on the screen, the element of terror and danger, and you have one more stupid video:

The real video of course, is maybe not as exciting from a marketing standpoint…but does focus on a pretty unique creature that many of us have never seen. No horror here, except for maybe the piece of bread:

Sticking it to the Man

The internet today is all about opinions, “the now” and maybe a little stirring of the pot. We throw our hat into the pot of creativity and real life experience. We encourage each and every one of you to get out, see the world, form your own opinions and create whatever it is you need to create, despite policies of “the man”. We’ll continue to do the same until we find better things to do with our time.


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