Ten Tips for Windy Day Scuba Diving

Before You Dive

  • Buddy check, always, and always before entering the water. The white caps are no place to start conversing about how you want to share air and what kind of regulator you have to spare.
  • Screw your flag down tight or tie it to your buoy. The wind might blow it right off of your buoy.
  • Weight your buoy with a 1-2 lbs of weight to keep it upright and stable in the wind.
  • Be sure your name and phone number are on your buoy and flag, just in case either blow away, or the line snaps.
  • Bring a collection bag with a bolt snap, as the wind might blow in some interesting things from the shore for your to collect.

Watch a windy day scuba diving video.

Entering the Water

  • Use the buddy system when entering and exiting the water, especially on unstable beaches. Keep your mask on and snorkel or regulator in your mouth when on the surface to keep your eyes and airway free of debris and water.
  • Check your weight system again before you drop down, as waves can shake loose a weight pocket that wasn’t quite locked into place. Turning into the swim position can drop your weight and leave you in the waves.
  • Always check both regulators before you drop down. Debris from waves and wind can end up in your reg, causing free flows or particles in your mouth.

Post Dive

  • Rinse and soak your gear after a windy dive day to avoid having micro particles and sediment collecting in your regulator, BCD, wetsuit and mask.
  • Expect currents. Waves come in, bounce off the shore and the energy travels back into the water body, creating a current. When in doubt, add a pound or two to your weight system if the current is really strong, it will help stabilize you in the water column.

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