Scuba Divers

Top Ten Diver Personas

You’ve met them on a dive boat, a liveaboard, a resort, a trip, or even at your local diving hole. Maybe they are your buddy, or perhaps even you have taken on the role of these diver personas. We celebrate our unique diver personalities.

A diver who never actually runs out of air. First in the water, last on board, this diver is often spotted under the dive boat while everyone else is on board and half way through their snack.

National Geographic
A diver with a camera, who may be seen with “antennas”, “flashy things”, a white balance card and an intense look in their eyes. Their native habitat is low on the reef or off in a distance – often seen fending off other divers with a single look or low growl through the regulator.

Space Station
A diver who comes in any shape or form, stays in perfect buoyancy and never seems to have to exhale, as bubbles might change their perfect trajectory. Often seen with crossed arms and legs, they simply will the ocean into carrying them to their destination with only their super powers, .

Underwater Dive Shop
The diver with every accessory they own, attached to their person, on every dive.

The Bird Watcher
A diver who can perform a 2 hour dive on a single coral head, usually with a macro lens, a magnifying glass and the ability to slow their heart like an alligator, only to maximize tank time.

The diver that looks like a model on and after every dive. Often times seen with their mask on their forehead like a dive poster, emerging from the water while rays of light seem to emanate from their perfectly white teeth.

Tea Bagger
A diver putting in the bare minimum time on a dive, just to achieve a greater number of dives to log. Quantity is everything, quality is for the weak.

A diver who handles their seasickness underwater, like a champion.

A diver who quickly darts from area to area with a lot of action and hand motion. Especially prone to DCS and often spotted with a selfie stick.

Golden Retriever
Any diver who loves the sport, will suffer through any diving conditions, and will manage to find joy on every dive. Often heard saying “Isn’t this great?” or “What a wonderful day!” even while sitting in the rain after a tank was dropped on their toe.