A Day in the Life of a Diver: Bahamas

Day in the life of a diver Bahamas

The sound of slight commotion. The smell of coffee.  A beam of light sneaks through the curtain from the upper hatch.  It's time for breakfast as the bell rings on deck.  So begins the day, with as we scarf down breakfast and immediately scurry topside to set up our tank for the day. 

It's time to dive.

Dive 1

A giant stride lands us in the middle of the turquoise blue water, broken only by the rays of morning light dancing on the reef.  We follow the anchor chain through fields of sea grass as the reef appears in the distance.  Rainbows of light dance on the sand as the pops and clicks and crackles of the reef grow louder.  Fish go about their morning business as they too, are waking up from a long night of rest.  A relaxing hour passes without any more sound than that of our own breath.  We end the dive and ready ourselves for the long-awaited snack and journey to the next dive site.


Dive 2

A leap into the darker blue water lands us over a ledge that disappears into the depths.  We descend through coral-covered cracks inside the reef, which lead us to an vast wall, teeming with life.  The wind is calmer today, allowing us to venture deeper.  We see stingrays, turtles, sharks and a variety of jacks, snapper and grouper.  The soft corals sway gently beneath us, where smaller fish dance with the rhythm.  Another incredible dive and a safety stop complete with spadefish and other fish who find shelter beneath the boat.


Dive 3

Sharks.  Tuna.  Jacks.  Predatory fish stay within 20 feet of the surface in the shelter below the boat.  A bright sandy bottom and coral-covered islands fill the scene.  Nudibranchs, blennies, sand divers, cleaner wrasse and medium size parrotfish are active in every direction of sight.  This reef is so alive with micro and macro things to see - and only a small current to carry us along.  What an incredible sight to behold in every sense. The only reason to surface is a the roaring hunger that only a heavy day of diving can bring.  


Dive 4

The sun has made way for the quarter moon and our third meal of the day is behind is.  The sunset against the silhouette of the boat is a stunning scene as the diver's lights add contrast upon splash.  Squid, octopus, a green sea turtle, crabs, conch, snails, jellies and schools of fish light up with every beam of light.  Lionfish snap up Cardinalfish, Big Eyes and Squirrelfish paint the reef as Reef Crabs forage and feed like it's their last meal.  

The final climb up the ladder for the day begins and it's time to relax.  Whether you join the party below deck or stay topside for a cool evening of stars and the gentle ding of rope against the mast... life at sea on a Bahamas liveaboard is truly a fantastic voyage.