A Day in the Life of a Diver: Cozumel

A Day in the Life of a Diver on this day, begins in Cozumel, Mexico.

The Dock

The sun rises over coffee and a light breakfast, and so begins the day at the boat dock. Staff and crew wait for the dive boat, as divers gather for the day's festivities. Piles of gear line the entrance into paradise, as today's patrons prepare for a day on the crystal clear blue water.

The Boat

Upon the entrance to the boat, tanks are checked, gear is set up and the question comes: "how much weight?". The scramble for gear and weights and proper position on the boat settles as the boat travels south. Divers begin to relax, chatting with the others, and the day carries on with salt in the air, and sun on your face.

The Water

The first giant stride into the azure water is nothing short of refreshing. Next begins the signal we've all waited for: "let's go down". Sinking deeper into the aquarium, the pressure equalizes. The feeling of weightlessness transcends into a feeling of flying as we soar over the spectacular reef.

The Animals

From corals to fish, to invertebrates and more, the sights and sounds on the reef are alive. Clicks, pops, crunching combined with the sound of our own breath are broken up by the sound of the exhalation bubbles. The array of sparkling streams fill the atmosphere as colors of brightly colored fish zoom by. The corals reach up to the surface in hues and shades that seem surreal and the light rays dance across their surface.

The Rise

Time is a mere breath underwater, that comes and goes in the beat of a heart. It's now time to ascend, to make the safety stop and hope for that once last glimpse of an eagle ray, a turtle or a shark. The sound of the boat can be heard from every direction,  and suddenly the reality of the necessity of air forces us back to the light. We exit the boat, and once again, we wait one more time for our next advent into "El Cielo".