Meet the Green Razorfish

Razorfish Wrasse

Female Green Razorfish
Female Green Razorfish

Shallow shore diving allows for great opportunities to see Razorfish Wrasse in many areas of the Caribbean. What sets the Razorfish apart from other Wrasse is their ability to cut into the sand for protection from predators.  They are also not to be mistaken with the cuisine "Razorfish Clam" which is in fact, not a fish at all.  Today, our video is about specifically the Green Razorfish, which offers a variety of colors and shapes from males to females and juvenile to adult fish.

Green Razorfish

Many divers and snorkelers will pass Razorfish on many dives, not really paying them any mind or perhaps, not even seeing them.  The fish are well camouflaged with their striped coloring as well as their ability to dart quickly into the sand or away from predators.  The adults are typically more mobile, darting throughout the reef about a foot or less from the bottom.  

Juvenile Razorfish have an odd-shaped fin protruding from just behind their head, which is likely the best identifier of the species.  The dorsal fins appears to have spaces in between due to the coloring, which leaves about 3 spots prominent on the fin.  Juveniles are very mottled in color and blend in very well with their surroundings.  Additionally, they tend to stay closer to the bottom, hiding behind rocks, rubble and algae patches where available.

Adult Razorfish are more adventurous.  Adults can be found darting around the reef and are very active.  With pressure of predators or when in an alarmed state, the adult Razorfish will also cut into the sand to escape threats.  Both adults and juveniles will curl their bodies to blend in with the background, simulating the grass and algae from their environments.

Where to Find Razorfish

Look for Green Razorfish in shallow areas, such as 5-40 feet.  They can be anywhere between 3/4" to 5" in length.  Males are more green, with stripes and females are more brown and can also have stripes.  While looking for the Green Razorfish, also look for others such as the Pearly Razorfish and the Rosy Razorfish.